A Freewill Manifesto

Carving inflection through my vernacular

9 October 1975
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I'm a 33 year old father, spiritualist, pacifist, activist, hellraiser, and all around philosophizer. I take a lot of pictures, write a fair amount of music and poetry, and listen to independent artists who’ve kept the integrity of their dreams intact. I write from a stream of consciousness that carries me from one moment to the next. I’m political, I write about political topics, social fascinations, overall observations, and I try to be fair while striving for a balance in all aspects of life.

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a cool breeze, acoustic fuckery, an after dinner ciggy, andrew bird, ani difranco, anti-folk, art, balance, beat poetry, black and white photography, bob dylan, bob marley, brandy snifters, breeze, buddha, burroughs, candlelight, cartoons, chess, chi, chicago, chimes, choir, chords, coincidence, color blindness, conversation, dalai lama, dancing, debate, deep thought, deepak chopra, dreams, drumming circles, earl gray tea, elation, europe, existential thought, feeling alive, folk it up, folk music, foreign films, french, fruit salads, gandhi, gillian welch, ginsberg, grapes, gypsy music, hamell on trial, happiness, harmony, history, hitchcock, howard zinn, hunter s. thompson, interaction, jack johnson, jack kerouac, jazz, jesus, joe hill, john lennon, johnny cash, joy, junk food, labor songs, lakeside strolls, late nights, lenny bruce, life, little kids, live venues, long scarfs, looking through a lens, love, lynie, madrigals, mark twain, mason jennings, mind body spirit, moving speeches, mushroom rice, music in the morning, my baby, my family, my partner, mythology, narrative non-fiction, neal cassady, nick drake, otis redding, outdoor festivals, paranormal, paris, passion, photography, picnics, plays, poetry, political science, premonitions, pruney fingers, regina spektor, reincarnation, respect, rilke, rob brezny, saying words like "stunod", singing, soul, spirit, spiritual, spoken word albums, summer nights, sunsets, suzanne vega, synchronicity, tea, the city noise, the new beats, the old beats, the word 'parchment', tides, trumpets, understanding, unexplained events, utah phillips, vibes, vocal instruction, walt whitman, water, waves, weather, white wine, winter clothing, woody guthrie, writing, xavier rudd, ziggy